Thursday, August 30, 2012

operation smile

Some of you lovely readers may have heard of an organization called [Operation Smile].  It is a wonderful life changing organization that provides free medical surgeries for children with cleft lips and palettes all over the world.

You can ask anyone who knows me on a personal level if I am a perfectionist and they will say "Yes."  If I even get the slightest outbreak on my face, I remotely freak out because I believe that your outward appearance is a reflection of who you are.  After all I am a perfectionist, so I want to strive to look perfect each day.  I get so insecure about those little bumps.  I hope you do not think that is shallow, but it's the truth and I am just being transparent with you.  Plus, I am sure you don't like getting blemishes either - can you relate?

Anyway, I tell you all of that just to say that while I was heavily researching this wonderful organization, reading Jhuma's [story] and Karen Nicol's [story], I had an "ah ha moment".  I invest heavily into products that will get rid of those pesky little outbreaks on my face, yet I haven't even given an equivalent of the price of a bar of soap to [Operation Smile] which will completely reconstruct the face of a child so that they can have a beautiful smile. 

I am writing this post to simply make you aware of the wonderful work that this organization is doing and to also challenge you to make a small donation of the cost of a bar of soap (approximately $1).  You can do that by going [here].


  1. Here is a different organization, but the same mission. AND an "easy" way to donate...using SWAGBUCKS. (O=

  2. I agree that Operation Smile is one of the best charities to donate to. They work to change so many children's lives with the help of great volunteers and many peoples' donations.


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