Monday, September 17, 2012

giveaway: gypsya

I love anything that is handmade, especially things that I can snuggle up with!  Rose James is the one of the creators of everything gorgeous in the Gypsya Etsy Shop.  She along with three other families produce these gorgeous bohemian products that are extremely affordable!  They also have another Etsy Shop called Irona that specializes in wind chimes and animal busts.  Here are some of my favorites from Gypsya:

So stunning right?!?  When I get ready to redo our master bedroom, you better believe that I will be purchasing some euro shams, standard shams and a blanket from Rose!  Simply stunning.  Rose is so generously donating four pillows to four readers!  Show her some love!


  1. this is absolutely beautiful stuff! I hope I win!

  2. If the other families are in India, is it really an artists collective, or are you just an importer trying to pass off your stuff as US made?


    versus this listing:

    1. Shannon, I think they just buy their stuff in India but they tell everyone that they design their things. It's ok to resell things but they should not tell people that they design them. I found many of the things they sell in a small market in Dilli Haat, Delhi. Look at my post:


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