Wednesday, October 10, 2012

it's official

We own a house!

We are so excited!!!  Yes, that is Josh's excited face.  :)  On a side note, aren't his eyes the coolest color?  I hope our kids have his eye coloring.  :)

Make sure you are following along to see all of the updates that we are making on OUR house (so cray cray!) before they appear on the blog!  Happy day y'all!


  1. wooohooo! that's awesome!
    I can't wait to get the keys to ours (ours is being built) but when we do, I am SURE I'll understand the excitement you're having right now! haha. can't WAIT to see pics! I love checking out new homes and how the owners decorate all the stuff they do to it!!!

  2. I'm so so excited for you!! That is seriously one of the best feelings in the world!! Nothing like having your own home!

  3. Congratulations, Sarah! I am happy and excited for you too. Don't forget to show us your new home!

    P/S: Come by and enter my fun giveaway if you like!

    Enjoy your day!



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