Tuesday, October 2, 2012

october 2012 calendars

Red Stamp never fails.  Their calendars are always amazing!  Get your October 2012 calendars for your desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android devices here.

They even have an alternative option for anyone who has an iPhone 5 (I just got mine in yesterday!) that's super fun too!


  1. I love Red Stamp! I didn't know they did calendars?! I'll have to get right on that - they are so cute!

  2. do u have a case for your 5 yet? i'm on the hunt for a cute one!

    1. I have order a clear one on eBay so I can turn it into a DIY project and another "protective" one from Amazon... Nothing cute yet.. I am trying to see if I can get someone to make one like this:


      I want it in black and white with a mint tag. :) What about you?

  3. cute October calendars! i love the designs


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